ROM Hacking

An introduction to ROM hacking and NES architecture.

This section explains in a ver extense and detailed manner, how the game Kid Icarus (NES) works internally.

This section explains how the game works internally.
This information is based on my own work on ROM dissasembly and interpretation of the cartridge NES version of the game.
Here you can find several well structured documents describing many technical aspects, along with a basic game editor (for Windows) and a password generator/interpreter (Windows/Linux/MacOS/Android).

My motivation is purely educational. Remember that you must own the original game in order to get the ROM. I will not provide it, so don't ask for it.
For any technical question or request, don't hesitate to email me.


An Spanish version. This is not a literal translation but a reworked, soften and adapted version. For the general public; no previous knowledge required.


Sacred Words
Free Android app for generating and decrypting passwords for the NES version of Kid Icarus.
Android app on Google Play
Sacred Words
For generating and decrypting passwords for the NES version of Kid Icarus. Tested on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Source code included (C++ / wxWidgets).
Sacred Words
Command-line version. You'll probably preffer to use the graphical interface version instead (if you are not a freak). Tested on Windows, Mac and Linux too.
Includes source code (C++).
Kid Icarus (NES) Editor.
Allows to change levels and enemy positions. Has a built-in graphical viewer (tiles, macros and structures). For more information, take a look at the instructions.
This editor is not yet finished, but has been tested and works fine. By 'not yet finished' I mainly want to say that item positions, mobile platforms and doors cannot yet be edited.